Friday, May 21, 2010

To Market, To Market

I spent Wednesday night in Stillwater, "the birthplace of Minnesota",
an historic town about 45 minutes north of Minneapolis.
It's situated on the St. Croix River and these boats give tours of the area.
There are also lots of old buildings and antique shops in the town, so I spent a few hours checking them out.
On Thursday I drove south to Minneapolis to set up my booth for Quilt Market.
Here's a "before" picture.
And here's the "after".
I took this picture from one end of the Convention Center to give you an idea of how huge a venue this is.
Today was the first day of Market.
The Martingale people wanted a picture of me with my quilts in their booth
and they had this frame handy for me to use.
They also had scheduled me for a book signing at 10:00. So that's what I did this morning.
Two more Market days to go!


  1. Your booth looks great! Hope you are having some fun along with all that work:o)

  2. Love seeing pictures of market and your quilts look so beautiful in your booth.