Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coming Together--The Quilt Continues to Grow

So now I've completed the patchwork part of my quilt. I've stitched the blocks into rows and stitched the rows together. You can see the interplay of light, medium, and dark fabrics and the design they create when the squares and diamonds intersect. I like it so far but I think it needs some embellishment. How about some applique? What I like about appliqueing over light fabric patches, is that I can use these as a grid to help in placing the applique pieces. This is the center of the quilt top.
And here it is with the applique pieces pinned in place. I use colours that echo those used in the four-patch blocks. I like this applique design so much I think I'll just keep going!Here I've finished the center applique and have pinned another bias strip in place.
And now I've pinned the applique shapes on this vine.The only areas left to applique are the light triangles in the corners.
So there it is! Just the borders to add and then the quilting and the binding! Quite a change from the initial dream and doodle I had!

And now on to other dreams!


  1. You definitely have the gift to design! Will you be selling this pattern?

  2. That is beautiful with the light and dark shadows.
    Not sure if I could wrap my head around that type of designing, you did a wonderful job and the fabrics are perfect.


  3. Cheryl, you've done it again! This is awesome...

    I've not been into quilting lately and I just hate myself for it! I really need to get back at it... too many sitting on the "finish me" pile!

  4. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Exactly my favorite kind of quilt - your colors - and the fact that you combined piecing and applique so nicely. Love it!

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments! It's so great when something I design is loved by others! I will publish the pattern in some form--either individually or in a book. I'll be sure and let you know when that's decided.

  6. I really appreciated the pictures of the progression of the quilt. I thought it was great "plain" but when I saw it with the applique it was icing on the cake. Beautiful work and design. thanks so much for sharing