Sunday, September 1, 2013

Suddenly, it's fall

Where did summer go?
 The grapes are ripe on the vines along our back porch.
 And I feel like creating a little fall project.
So I choose my favourite colours and make four of these 5" scrappy squares.
 Surround them with some star print fabric and add some fusible applique in one of the corners,
 And a second corner,
 And a third.
 Add the binding and voila!
A little mat for my fall table.
Happy fall everyone!


  1. Aww such sweet piece..
    And it's happy spring here
    Big hugs x

  2. We have grape vines all over the state but I didn't see any grapes.
    Love your new piece and love making a basic piece, then adding applique as I go.


  3. What a great idea for a tabletopper! You certainly provide a lot of inspiration!

  4. You just made that look really fast and easy! What a great result - I love it!

  5. With the beginning of autumn! In beautiful autumn color.

  6. with the beginning of autumn! What are her beautiful paint!