Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Patterns

Hubby and I had a great time on our last day in Columbus, Ohio, as you can see! We spent part of it in the area known as the historic German Village.
As always, it was good to get home. And now--ta da!--I have copies of my book available for order from me! The price is $26.99 (Cdn/US). Place your book and/or pattern order before July 1st and get FREE SHIPPING within Canada and the USA! Thank-you to all of you for your support and patience. I'm happy to sign a copy for you if you like!
I have a few new patterns to share with you as well. This one is the spring pattern for my Picket Fence Series. The caption reads, "Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder where the birdies is?" It sells for $8 and measures 30" x 35".

This pattern is called "Daisy Chain" and sells for $5. The wool table rug measures 7 1/2" x 30" and the little cross-stitch pillow measures 4" x 7".

This pattern, "Little Bird Pincushions" also sells for $5.

The "Old Tyme Sewing Needfuls" pattern has instructions for the stitchery pincushion, the little travel pins and needles book, and the rotary cutter holder. All for $5.

And finally, "Words of Wisdom" has instructions for all five pillows/pictures and sells for $5.

You can see more of my patterns at

Thursday, June 17, 2010

In Awe at NQA

It's impossible to describe the amazing masterpieces here at the National Quilting Association show in Columbus, Ohio, so I'll share a few pictures and let them speak for themselves (though the pictures can't begin to do them justice).

How about something fun, to start?

And something fanciful?

I love the colours and applique on this quilt...

But wait till you see how small the blocks are!!

Here's another mini.

And yet another.


And these just took my breath away.

I have to admit, when I look at these works of art, that after the awe and asking, "how'd she do that?", I mainly feel depressed. These quilts are so incredible... I could quilt a million years and never create anything a fraction as perfect as these. I have to remind myself that we each have our niche and to just enjoy and be grateful for the gifts we've each been given. Can anyone else out there relate?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Heart is in Amish Country

The next day, we headed to the Heart of Ohio in Springfield, the largest antiques mall in the US. And they weren't kidding!

Here's Row #1 of 8 (I think!).

Driving through Loudonville, we found this cabin which had been moved to the park.

It was built by Morgan Workman, a minister in the 1840s, and his wife.
They had 11 children in this cabin (can you imagine?) and his wife Jerutia died at the age of 40.

We found this cemetary next to the Methodist church in the town,
with grave stones dating to the mid 1800s.

We kept driving and found this combination quilt and harness shop.
We must be in Amish country!
These quilts were displayed inside the shop--just gorgeous!!
We saw Amish kids on their bicycles.
Covered bridges.

Amish women.
Lots of quilts!
Amish buggies.
I think it was laundry day.
We even found an Amish drygoods store.
Upon further exploration, we stopped at this metal-craft store.
It's amazing how the craftsmanship turned simple aluminum into works of art.
This is the inside of the shop.
Hubby Ben, next to the Amish "Hummer" (world's biggest Amish buggy)
in the shop.
Then, it was off to Lehman's Hardware in Kidron.
The store sells anything and everything the Amish community could need.
They even had quilts!
Now that's a hardware store I wouldn't mind shopping at!
Another stop--Hershberger's Farm.
Completewith buggy rides for the kids.
And Big Ben (the horse), next to Ben (my hubby).
Ben got up close and personal with the goats in the petting zoo.

They even had a zorse!
(Combination zebra and horse).
And finally this quilt/fabric shop.

I loved their slogan!