Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What Shall I Make Today? Burlap Pumpkins!

Sometimes I want to take a break from quilting and just make stuff to decorate my home or sell at craft markets. Here's an idea I came up with for fall--burlap pumpkins!
First, find a plate or something with the diameter you want--mine was 8" across. 
Place it on a double layer of burlap and trace around it with a pencil.
Cut out the circles 1/4" outside of the traced line.

Sew all the way around the circle on the traced line.
Separate the two circles and cut a small "x" in the center of one of them.
Turn the circles right side out through the opening.
Stuff with polyfil.
Cut a length of twine, thread it through your largest needle, and knot the end.
Push it through the opening to the other side.
When it comes through the center of the other side, pull the twine around the circles and reinsert it into the opening.
Pull it around the opposite side.
Turn the circle one-quarter of the way around and pull the twine around and through the bottom center.
When you come to the end of the twine, knot it off and bring the end into the center of the pumpkin.

Keep going until you've divided the circles into 8 sections.
This is what it should look like when you're done this part.
Find a stick about 1" in diameter and cut off a 2" long piece.
Put a bit of hot glue on one end.
Press the glued end of the stick down into the opening of the pumpkin.
Squirt some more hot glue around the stick onto the pumpkin opening.
Press some Spanish moss onto the glue to cover the opening.
Enjoy your burlap pumpkins!

Happy fall, y'all!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blog Tour and Book Giveaway - Week 8

Welcome back to our blog tour and book giveaway!  Hasn't it been fun?  I'm a little sad that today is our last stop--I'll just have to write another book so I can do this again!
Haven't found out yet who won last week's giveaway but congratulations!  Michelle will let me know as soon as she draws the name and I'll get the book out to you asap!

Today we're heading across the country again--this time to West Virginia,
home to Jeni Gaston, Judy Williamson and Gretchen Streeter, the supremely gifted sisters and co-creators of "Primitive Quilts and Projects" my favourite quilting magazine.  I'm so glad someone finally decided to publish a magazine specifically for us primitive quilters!
In addition to publishing this wonderful magazine, they are co-owners of the Woolen Willow quilt shop, pattern designers, wool dyers, you-name-it!  A visit to their shop is definitely on my bucket list.  I'm so happy that in their extremely busy schedule, they found time to post about my book on their blog!

If you're one of my followers, go over to their blog and leave a comment for a last chance to win a copy of my book.  Good luck everyone!
I'm thrilled that they've asked me to design a pattern for the spring 2013 issue and to be in the company of the many talented contributors to their magazine. Just look for a pattern with lots of prim houses.  Here's a teaser--
Hope you'll like it! 
Thanks so much to all of you who've been a part of this blog tour!
We couldn't have done it without you.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blog Tour and Book Giveaway - Week 7

Welcome back everyone and congratulations to Suz for winning last week's giveaway!

Today we're off to sunny California--Vista, California to be exact--home to quilt shop proprietor and good friend, Michelle Joyner.
Michelle runs the Fat Quarters Quilt Shop and has been one of my most loyal customers since I met her at Market many years ago.  Here's a picture of us in my booth in Salt Lake City, 2011.  (She's the cute, petite one.)
I've never been fortunate enough to actually see her store, but I can tell from the pictures she posts on Facebook, that it's amazing.  And this month she's hosting both trunk shows from my book!  Thanks, Michelle for the beautiful display on your blog!  So if you do plan on being in the Vista neighborhood, make sure to drop by and say hi to Michelle and get a close-up look at the quilts.
And leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win a free copy of my book!  The book giveaway ends next week so this is your second-last opportunity!  Good luck everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book Blog Tour and Giveaway - Week 6

Hi again and welcome back to all of you who are following along on this blog tour!  Congratulations to Gayle from Utah who won last week's giveaway!

And here we go--back across the continent and down south to beautiful Florida to the home of my friend Lynda Hall from Primitive Pieces by Lynda.  She felt the effects of Hurricane Isaac this past week but fortunately is safe and well.

I met Lynda at my first Quilt Market and fell in love with her primitive style.  I loved how she decorated her booth with all the fun props she brought from home. Here's a picture of her booth at Minneapolis Spring Market in 2010.
 And a close-up.

Lynda's a designer, teacher, author, and one of the most fun people you'll ever meet.  At Christmas, she decorates more than 20 trees in her gorgeous, primitive-filled home!  If you haven't found her website yet, make sure to check it out!

And all you Country Quilts followers, don't forget to leave a comment on her blog this week for a chance to win a copy of my book.

Good luck and see you back here next week for a chance to meet another wonderful blogger!