Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Shall I Make Today? Little Light Ornies!

Wanting to make some last-minute decorations?
Here's a super quick and easy idea.
(I don't know if this is original or if I saw a version someplace--can't remember things like I used to!)
You'll need a battery-operated tea-light, an old jar lid, a rusty star, and some rusty wire.
Punch two holes in opposite sides of the lid.
I found the easiest way to do this was to tighten the lid in a vise and hammer a nail into it.
You'll also need to hammer a nail into the star to make a hole.
I found the white tea-lights at Michael's.
Since I prefer the grungy look, I painted the top and sides with black acrylic paint.
Before it dries, sprinkle with a mixture of ground instant coffee and cinnamon.
When dry, paint it with modge-podge (but not the bulb!)
Cut a length of rusty wire and insert one end into the hole in the lid.
Wrap the end around itself.
Thread the star onto the wire and bend the wire to hold it in place at the top.
Insert the other end of the wire into the other hole and wrap that end around itself.
Tear a little strip of homespun and tie it around the wire at the bottom.
Place the tea-light in the center of the lid.
Fill the area around it with bits of moss, berries, whatever you like.
That's it! 
Won't these look pretty nestled among my Santas on the mantle?
Or as little center-pieces on my Christmas table?
You could also give them away as party favours,
thread a tag with a guest's name on it onto the wire for a place setting,
or hang them on your tree.
Have fun!