Monday, August 19, 2013

Life's a Beach

Every summer for the past several years now, we join four other friends for a week-long holiday.
This year we decided to travel down the coast to Oceanside, Oregon.
 We discovered unspoiled beaches and breathtaking scenery.

 The beach is known as the Three Arches--these three huge rocks in the ocean have openings in the bottom which give them an arch shape.
 The rock formations are incredible.
 There was even a little cave to explore.

When the tide went out, the rocks were covered with shellfish and starfish.

 This waterfall reminded me of Jurassic Park.
 After a week of beachcombing, it was time to head home...
but not without first stopping at the Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon,
home to 1 1/2 ACRES of fabric!
A vacation from heaven!


  1. Gorgeous! We were there last year and we stayed in Seaside. I missed the fabric though... I guess it's time to go back!

  2. What a beautiful place to visit, would love to visit the west coast, someday.


  3. Cheryl, looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I just finished making Scrappy Squares from your gorgeous book At Home With Country Quilts. The next one on my list is Night Blooms and I just might do the applique in wool. I love every quilt in the book.

  4. We love the Oregon coast! Just awesome! I have never been to the Fabric Depot, however. I will have to go there next time we go to Oregon (we usually go every year to visit our son).

  5. I loved seeing your quilts turned into a calendar! Congrats on that. A holiday at a big fabric shop would be splendid especially if I had unlimited cash! LOL. Purchases?

  6. What a beautiful vacation! and it is just as beautiful that you have a good sport-cohort and 4 great friends to vacation with :)