Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Patterns for Spring

My "Garden Pathways" quilt has been fixed!
Here's the mended version.
 Thanks to those wonderful ladies, Rhonda and Linda at Quilted Cats Hideaway, you can't even tell where the mistake was!  Thank you!!! You're my heroes!
 I'll be adding "Garden Pathways" to my website this week.
I also just finished this design--"Bluebirds on a Wire."
It's a pattern for this wallhanging and for the fabric-covered box in front of it.
I'm not sure if this picture is too blue for the pattern cover.  What do you think?
 Speaking of blue, look at the wonderful sky in this picture sent to me by my friend Martine, who lives near Tours in France.  This is my "Chickens Under the Stars" pattern.  Didn't she do a great job?
Merci for sharing, Martine!


  1. I love the blue birds quilt photo, but maybe tone down the saturation a little bit? On my screen it looks over saturated, so toning down would make it perfect for a cover photo. Love those chickens, so fun.


  2. Your quilts are beautiful! Love the bluebirds.
    Sandy A