Monday, January 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning

No, not that kind of spring cleaning--though heaven knows my house could sure use it!
I've decided it's time to launch some of my babies out into the world to find new homes.  Here's a sampling of some of my creations that are now on sale on my Etsy shop.  Click on the link to see more.
If you see anything you like, just let me know!


  1. I would love to purchase some of your 'babies" But I think postage to New Zealand makes it very expensive!

  2. Lovely! Can you tell me the size of the first quilt? Thank You!

    1. Hi Loris,
      The first quilt is "Home for All Seasons" and measures 54" x 54". Thanks for asking!

  3. Cheryl, my quilt arrived today. I love it! I love all the plaid flannels and homespuns in it.The crow cracks me up! Thank you for sharing and thanks for the candy too :-)