Saturday, January 12, 2013

First New Pattern for 2013!

Here it is, my first quilt pattern for the new year!
I call it "Starry Nights".
I decided to try designing some mini-quilts for a change, to use up some of the fabric and batting scraps that seem to reproduce themselves in my sewing room!
This little project measures just under 20" square.
It's based on the Irish Chain block and I've added wool stars and pennies as an accent.
I'm going to print up the pattern next week and make up some wool kits as well and then post them on my website.
If you prefer, you can download it now, by going to PatternMart and checking under "Country Quilts".
Hope you like it!


  1. It is looking so pretty..lovely colors..
    Love for you x

  2. Wonderful new pattern and I do like smaller quilts that i can change out, around the house. I just downloaded the new acrobat to try, made it nice to be able to do a pattern so easily. My old version is on an old computer, so I think it is time to upgrade.


  3. Beautiful! (as usual if course!)