Thursday, October 25, 2012

What Shall I Make Today? Creepy Cobweb Coasters!

Here's a last-minute Halloween decorating idea for you!
Draw lines like this on a piece of graph paper.
My finished design will be 4 1/2" square so the cross-lines are at 2 1/4".
Make little marks at 3/4" down and across from each corner.
Draw an arc between the lines on the top half of the diagram, like this:
Fold the paper in half and cut out along the arcs.
Unfold the paper and pin to a double layer of muslin, with a piece of batting underneath.
Make sure to leave about 1/2" around the shape.
Sew around the shape, leaving one arc open.
Remove the piece from the machine and cut out 1/4" outside the stitching.
Cut straight across the points.

Turn the piece right side out through the opening.
Use a chopstick or other pointy thing to get into the points.
Hand-stitch the opening closed.
Place the piece between 2 single layers of cheesecloth.
Machine-stitch with contrasting thread across the shape from point to point,
making sure to intersect in the center.
After you've stitched the 4 lines across the piece,
move your needle about 1/2" toward the center.
Following the arcs, stitch around the shape.
When you get back to the beginning,
move your needle another 1/2" toward the center
and stitch again around the shape, following the arcs.
Repeat once more and remove from the machine.
Trim any long threads and the cheesecloth loosely around the shape.
If you like, you can brush some stiffener onto both sides of the shape and let dry.
Your creepy cobweb coasters are finished!
If you want, you can loop a length of thread through a point and hang them around your house.
Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. That is clever idea, love how they look, great for a party.


  2. These are TOTALLY awesome---thank you boo gobs for sharing this tutorial with us. :) Happy Howloween.

  3. Now that is really clever!!! I'll have to save this for next year...