Monday, October 22, 2012

A Great Weekend for a Quilt Show

This past week was grey, dreary, and rainy on the west coast--perfect weather to attend a quilt show, I think. I was a vendor at the Piecemakers Guild show in Chilliwack, BC, a show I've done for several years now.  Here are a few pictures of my booth in the Merchants' Mall:
And here are some pictures of my favourite quilts in the show.
I LOVE the machine quilting on this one!
Isn't it gorgeous?
The quilting designs are original, done by Darlene Epp.
This 76" square "Barn raising Log Cabin" quilt by Sandra Lounsbury is all pieced with 1" wide strips.
Another quilt by Sandra Lounsbury, measuring 90" x 102", each block about 4" square, constructed during her commute to work each day.  Now there's a good use of travel time!
Another quilt by Darlene Epp.  This one is paper-pieced and took over a year to create. 
A mystery quilt created by Lisa van den Brink.
I love the colours she chose.
I forgot to get the name of the creator of this masterpiece.
I'm always amazed by anyone who has the talent to make so many precise points!!
And finally, this 36" x 61" quilt by Ursula Yeo, called "60 Little Houses".
Isn't it charming?
With all the work involved in preparing for a show, I often find myself thinking, "Maybe I'm getting too old for this."  But when I'm there and get to meet amazing, talented women like these and get to see their beautiful creations, I'm reminded again of why I love quilting.
Thanks, Piecemakers, for including me in your wonderful show!


  1. What amazing quilts. Looks like a great show.

  2. Lovely!! I think the one you mention with the precise points looks like Bonnie Hunter's last years mystery, Orca Bay?

  3. Wow looks like a lovely show xxx