Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making and Remaking

Another week, another project completed.  I finished this wool "Sweet Sampler" by Threads that Bind and love how it turned out.  The instructions were to frame it but I decided to make a pillow instead.  Perfect for spring, which can't be too far away now, right?
One of my goals for this year was to redo the master bath.  After 20 years of looking at these pink flower stencils, I was ready for a change!
 So, first, it's off with the wallpaper, which, thankfully, didn't fight me too much.
 Soon, it's all on the floor and I'm ready for step 2.
I think I'll dig out all my old issues of "Country Sampler" for ideas to decorate.
Any suggestions?


  1. Love how you made it into a pillow, beautiful piece.
    I used to stencil, but now i keep my walls plain since I hang so much on them.


  2. How about a nice, warm wall color and add your special touches! There are some absolutely fabulous primitive decorating blogs out there... Karen from Yellow Farmhouse blog has a gorgeous home just built... you can check out her color schemes :o) Good luck!