Friday, January 3, 2014

First new quilt pattern for 2014!

I typically don't like the idea of New Year's resolutions but I do like setting goals for myself so that's what I'm doing this January.  One of them is to try (note--the word is "try" so I won't be too hard on myself if I simply can't) to create at least one new quilt pattern over each of the next 12 months.  And here's the first!
 It's called "Patchwork Posies" and measures 56" x 56.
Here's a close-up of one of the applique blocks.  Note to self: remove bits of thread before taking the close-ups.

And here's my next goal:
I'm going to try selling my patterns as instant downloads and have already downloaded this one.  You can find it (and a few other of my patterns) at this link:

There are a few reasons why I want to give instant downloads a try.
First, Canada Post is raising its postage rates again and I don't want to keep charging you more for shipping.  Plus, this way you can get the pattern right away, instead of having to wait a couple of weeks (or more) for it to arrive, and you pay just for the pattern.

Second, my husband keeps threatening to downsize, which means I won't have the room to store a lot of patterns and paper and envelopes, etc.

Third, as I get older, I fantasize about travelling more and being able to work anywhere in the world. This would be a step in that direction.

So what do you think?
I'd love your thoughts about downloadable patterns, especially if you've had any negative experiences.

Wishing you all the very best for this new year and many, many dreams come true!


  1. I love your new pattern and love instant patterns. I am always in the mood to do something and love being able to look online and find something to make, then have it in minutes.


  2. I have bought several patterns as downloads. Some using PayPal and some on Craftsy. I like Craftsy because the patterns can be stored there indefinitely. Good luck, but I think downloads are a great way to sell your patterns!

  3. Thank you for doing instant downloads. I love getting the pattern quickly so I can start working. Like a kid, not much patience for waiting. Happy New Year.

  4. Downloadable patterns are great for all the reasons you mentioned, I guess the only down fall is, it could hurt the quiltshops, if more & more people shop online, more shops will close.......just a thought.

  5. Cheery, your new pattern is lovely. Congratulations on your goals you've set for yourself.
    I love travelling around and seeing what each community is doing with their quilting. May you find inspiration from your travels.

  6. Very pretty! I think instant download patterns are a wonderful idea.

  7. this is adorable and downloads are brilliant - no postage, quick access! - great idea!

  8. Very pretty! I also love your quilt background on your blog.

  9. Instant download, that's a very good idea, Cheryl. When are you coming to France and share one day with us at the Cercle des Cousettes in Loches ?? Just for your information, we are preparing an exhibition in Saumur (150 km from Tours) in October..
    Have a great year !