Sunday, February 17, 2013

Odds and Ends

Lately I've felt like I'm in a bit of a slump.
Maybe it's the time of the year, I don't know,
but inspiration for new projects isn't striking.
What to do?
Well, I guess I could clean up some of my odds and ends
left over from other projects.
So I found some sample blocks I'd made for my first book for Martingale.
This one was from "Prairie Stars".
I made the sample block into a little pillow.
I took my sample block from "Tulip Time",
added some wool applique and embroidery 
and made a little table topper.
 This block was from the cover quilt.

I added some handquilting and binding and made a...
could be a pot holder or a candle mat.

 I had a bunch of strip sets from
(no idea where).
Made them into a double nine-patch block, stitched and bound it.

This was my finished version of "Autumn Equinox". 
My first try at the patchwork center didn't turn out quite like I hoped but
I couldn't bear to throw it away.
So I added a different border and machine quilted it. 
I think I'll keep this one for now. 
The other odds and ends will go to "Creekside Home Decor",
a local shop where I sell things on consignment.
Still waiting for inspiration
but now I've got a bit more space to work in when it (eventually) strikes!


  1. I think a lot of us feel that way, after the holidays, a bit burned out.
    I have been making little things and thinking a lot, lol.


  2. Holy cow! You call this a slump? You have finished more in this post than I will all year! Lol!!

  3. Wowie! If that's what a "slump" brings... can hardly wait to see the results of your next bout of inspiration! lol! Love that last quilt! The border definitely made all the difference... it's gorgeous!

  4. Great ideas for the sample blocks. The quilts are beautiful too!