Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Great Sale

Thanks to everyone who came to our sale and helped my sister and I to downsize!
For a few hours, my garage was transformed into a country store.

Today I'm so stiff and sore from moving all those boxes,
I'm hobbling around like an old woman.
(Who am I kidding--I AM an old woman.)
Even my MUCH younger sister, Col, was a bit tired by the end of it all.
Lots of our treasures have now made their way into new homes to be enjoyed by our friends.
Thank you everyone!


  1. I wish I lived closer, you had so many wonderful things.
    Love cat items fall things right now, too much to make much of my own.


  2. In the 4th pictures down, the quilt on the left, is that quilt in your new book?? Love the houses!

  3. I love the houses in that quilt too but alas, it's not one of my patterns. I'm not sure who designed it--I think I saw it hanging in someone's home in a country decorating magazine and decided to make a similar quilt.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry I missed it! We had a booth in Langley at the country celebrations and had a great weekend there. It looks like a great sale for you!

  5. Hi, Cheryl. My sister, Karen & I had so much fun at your sale! Remember we even came BACK!!!! Thanks so much for all the great finds - we had lots of fun and it was so nice to see Ben again after having worked with him!
    ~ Audrey ~