Friday, May 20, 2011

To Market, to Market

Here I go again... off to my ninth Quilt Market.
This time, it's in Salt Lake City and I'm driving there solo.
I loved the scenery in eastern Oregon.
The "before" picture of my booth. 
 And here's the "after".
 A view of the Convention Center.
Can you find me?
I'm about halfway down on the left.
 There's my booth, "muslined off" at the lower left.
A very, very tiny fish in an ENORMOUS ocean.
Again I ask, "What the heck am I doing here?"
 A beautiful day in SLC, so after I finished setting up, I went exploring.
 Aren't the flowers gorgeous?

 Several bridal couples were getting their pictures taken.
Is it just me, or is the temple tilting?
It's been a very long day!
More soon!


  1. All of my photos tilt, must be me;)
    Your booth looks wonderful, love the display with the antiques and your beautiful quilts.


  2. Your booth looks great!I really like all the colors in your booth. The pictures of the flowers are beautiful!

  3. Looks delightful-I am loving your colours and setup.

    I would think I had gone to fabric heaven if i ever got to one of those markets.


  4. I love all the gorgeous flowers you found on exploring!