Saturday, February 5, 2011

Company's Coming and New Fabric

Confession time--I hate cleaning my house.  So I don't do much of it.  It's just that at the end of my life I don't want people to stand up and say, "Her home was spotless."  I'd rather spend my time doing what I do want to be remembered for, and that doesn't include dusting.  I agree with the bumper sticker that says, "Dust is a country collectible."  And my collection is definitely growing!

But at times (ie. when I'm expecting company) cleaning does become a necessary evil.  And this Monday it's my turn to host my weekly quilting group, "The Phat Quarters".  So out comes the Swiffer and I start making my rounds.  They must pay those women on the commercial an awful lot to do that little dance--I just feel more discouraged because the more dirt I swiff away, the more I uncover.  When did my kitchen cabinets get so grimy?  (Thinking back, white was probably not the best color choice for me.)  So now I need to get out the stronger cleaning stuff and the rubber gloves.  By the end of this day I'll be wearing a Hazmat suit and breathing apparatus.

I've heard that when Beethoven was composing, he totally let his personal hygiene go.  This gives me comfort.  And an excuse.  Imagine if we'd be without his Fifth symphony because Beethoven decided he just couldn't live with sink scum a minute longer.  I'm a bit of a mini-quilting-Beethoven.  Given a choice between cleaning and creating, guess which I'd pick?

Besides the cleaning, I was able to do some fun things this week, however. I drove out to my fabric distributor and came back with some great stuff to sell, which I've posted on my website.
This one is my favorite--it looks like tea-dyed muslin.
(The picture doesn't do it justice.)
I'm so glad a fabric company (thank you, Moda) finally thought of this.  Think of the tea-bags I'll save!


  1. I am the same way about cleaning...I do love a clean house but with a teenager and a dog, it is hard to keep the house clean..its mostly the every where....I love the fabric you chose...Makes me want to go to the fabric store and see what they have in stock with regards to Civil War fabrics.

  2. Cleaning is the bane of my life, I hate it also! I think that min. cleaning is justifiable, because who wants a cranky mother/wife just because she spent all day cleaning and then wouldnt let you breathe/eat/walk/shower in the house in case you made a mess! And I agree, you great grand children are never going to know you dusted daily, but they are going to have some of your craft to treasure, just has I have my great grandmothers handicraft now. Happy quilting Sue SA. PS my favorite fridge magnet says "Good housekeeping is an exact science. I am into art."

  3. I know that feeling, you start cleaning and you realized how dirty the rest of the house is, lol. I clean, but it doesn't stay that way, with three obnoxious cats and a hyper dog, things end up, all over the place.


  4. Loved your post! I could have wrote it. LOL

  5. Quite agree with you all ! why losing time cleaning our house, when we have all these nice projects in our minds. Dust is part of our life as well as quilts. Martine