Monday, June 8, 2009

Roses and strawberries and tea, oh deer!

Yesterday was sunny and warm and my friend Lois decided to invite a few friends over for tea and strawberry shortcake in her incredible garden. At last count, she has about 100 rose bushes and they were all in bloom. The scent was amazing.

First, she gave us a tour of the garden, naming every bush and telling us when it was planted.

Some were even growing up into the trees!

Then, we sipped tea and enjoyed the first local strawberries of the season.

I drove home all inspired only to find this guy in my back yard, happily munching on my one puny rose bush.
He's been a regular visitor to my garden the past few weeks, and has told his friends about us, which might explain why my roses have no blooms at all this year.


  1. Un giardino da sogno...........
    un bacio

  2. What a beautiful garden...sipping tea at those lovely tables...what splendor summer bring us!