Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Fun Fall Fair

Well, I"ve been busy!
Next weekend (September 14-15)
 is the Campbell Valley Fair and I've been making things to sell in my booth.
Like what, you ask?
Well, there will be pumpkins.
Painted fabric pumpkins,
 pumpkins with faces, 
 little pumpkins with faces,
 burlap pumpkins,
 painted, flat pumpkins,
 wool pumpkins, 
 pumpkins on sticks,
and in garlands,
 scarecrow pumpkins,
 pumpkins with crows,
 and crows on pumpkins.
Of course there'll be food...
 I can never grow these gourds with the long necks
so I decided to sew a few. 
 You can't have a fall fair without sunflowers,
 or a few cats,
and some crows,
 and a few more pumpkins.
Halloween's just around the corner
so we need a few scary things.
 How about a burlap owl or two? 
 Or a fat chenille spider and little spider-web coasters?
 This oh-so-creepy bat?
 Or some of these?
Did I say there'd be pumpkins?
And lots of other fun stuff!
Hope to see you there!


  1. Have a great time at the fair Cheryl, I'd love to come to it but will be away, maybe next year. I'm sure the Fraser Valley
    Quilters will come and visit white they demo at the fair. Have fun, may the sun shine on you and the others during the fair.

  2. Wow I love your pumpkins of all kind . It's a pity I live in the UK or I would be having a good spend. xxx

  3. Oh my, you've made a regular pumpkin patch!! Cute, cute, cute!!


  4. OMGOSH! Love all of these! Sure wish I lived closer to this event... I think I'd need to bring a wagon along to carry all my purchases! lol! :-) Have a fun time!

  5. You are the pumpkin queen! Have a wonderful time...I have a feeling your booth will be a busy one!

  6. Wow I love everything so much..
    So cute x

  7. Oh my gosh!! I want one of everything!!