Monday, July 2, 2012

Book Giveaway in France

I've met the most wonderful people since I started quilting.  A couple of years ago I received an email from Martine, a lady I'd never met, who lives in France.  She belongs to a group of quilters who travel to shows all over the world (sounds like heaven to me!) and blog about their travels on  That year, they were attending the Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon and she emailed me to see if they could drop in at my place to see my quilts.  Yes, yes! Quilters are always welcome here!
It was a magical afternoon for me, meeting these ladies from so far away and making new friends.
Much too soon, they waved goodbye and were off to explore other quilting destinations.
A few months later, my husband and I were able to visit Martine when we traveled to France.
I love how quilting brings people together from all over the world!
All this by way of introduction...Martine is offering a giveaway on her blog, of a signed copy of my latest book, At Home with Country Quilts.
Don't worry if the blog is written in French--just use the Translate button to get the details.  The draw is on July 17 so check it out soon!
And soon I'll be launching a book blog tour right here!  Several of my quilting buddies will take turns reviewing my book and offering a signed copy as a giveaway.  Each week, I'll announce who the next blogger will be.  You'll have a chance to win each week, if you're a follower of my blog and go to that week's site and leave a comment.  So stay tuned--it's happening very soon!


  1. How wonderful to meet quilters from around the world. I can't wait to see your book hop.


  2. How fun to meet new friends!

  3. It is always fun to meet up with people you've met on the internet when quilting is what binds you together.

    I've had the chance to meet some very lovely people including you.

    May you continue along this lovely journey of friendship.

  4. Congratulations on the new book!! I love EVERYTHING that you I am off to Martine's to see if I can win me a copy of that book!! :o) Take care!

  5. Fabulous story! Special friendships made in special ways.

  6. How much fun is that! If you need another reviewer for the wool projects or the could-be-wool-applique projects, let me know.

  7. congrats on the book.
    looks like you are all having fun. off to see the link.

  8. What a lovely visit and to have them come from so far. I'm excited about the blog hop, the ideas are turning.

  9. Thanks a lot, Cheryl, for these nice comments. My quilting friends and I keep a great souvenir of these moments spent with you in Abbotsford.
    Congratulations for this new book, we all are fans of your quilts !
    Hope to see you soon in France…
    Martine from Quiltinusa.

  10. what a lovely way to meet new people...