Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Great Sale

The Fieldstone Vintage Market took place in my home town of Abbotsford, BC, last Saturday.
I've been waiting for something like this to happen close to home for SUCH a long time!
And after a week of rain, could the day have been any more perfect?
Over 50 vendors of wonderful vintage items and handmades
were selling their wares.
The Market was produced in conjunction with
Bakerview Eco Dairy.
A barbeque was set up behind the barn.
Along with wonderful vintage items.
Lots of white eye candy.
My friend Kimberly of My Brown Bag Studio
and her daughter Julianna,
in their wonderful booth.
More oldies and goodies.
Even some Parisian-style macaroons!
Hopefully next year, I'll have a tent there too!
Of course, because it's a farm, there were animals to visit.
I couldn't figure out what this thing was.
My husband says it's a recently-shorn llama.
I think it had a face only its mother could love!


  1. Oh your pictures are sooo adorable. I posted pictures too! barnes-girl.blogspot.com I do hope that you have a booth next year; as well I hope that the market is back next year. I think this could be a really big show!

  2. Great post, Cheryl! And I'm SO VERY glad that I blinked in the picture... just keepin' it real!