Monday, August 30, 2010

Buggy Barn Show

If it's the last weekend in August, it must be time for Buggy Barn's annual Quilt Show! This year Pam and Janet invited me to be their "featured quilter" so hubby Ben and I drove down to Spokane, Washington, about 30 minutes from the shop on their farm. We checked out Riverfront Park and found this very cool slide. I'm thinking, "what if my hips won't fit between the edges?"
On Saturday we drove out to the Buggy Barn property and found the shop covered in quilts.
Quilts were blowing in the wind. And, unlike most of the previous years, it was cold!
Quilts were draped over old wagons...
...clothespinned to fences...
...and fastened to... (I have no idea what this thing is!)
At the back of their property was another barn filled with bolts of fabric and decorated with more quilts.
This was my spot, surrounded by quilts from my book.
Folk-artists set up their tents around the property and there was more to see in another barn.
Eye candy everywhere and the view was just amazing! I loved the colour of the fields.

On Sunday at 4, the 14th annual Buggy Barn show was over. Quilts were taken down to be returned to their owners.
Thanks, Pam and Janet, for a wonderful weekend!


  1. What a wonderful shop to visit, love their designs.


  2. I have always wanted to go to that. Thanks for sharing your photos so that we could have a taste of what it is like. One day, I will go. Have a super day. Julie

  3. I just finished one of your patterns and posted the picture on my blog. Thanks for such cute patterns. I love them. Have a great weekend. Julie

  4. I love your blog!
    I put the link to your store on my blog
    It's a real pleasure

  5. How fun! I want to go with you next year!!

  6. I didn't make it to Buggy Barn this year, would love to go again. Your pictures are wonderful, it's almost like going.