Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Amazing Afternoon

Several months ago (I don't remember exactly when) I received an email from a woman I'd never met--Martine (at right in the photo below) who lives in the Loire Valley in France. Thanks to the internet, she'd discovered my patterns and tracked me down. She belongs to a group of quilting friends from France and Belgium who travel to quilt shows around the world. (How much fun would that be?!) She asked me whether I'd be willing to invite this group of ten into my home and studio, while they visited Vancouver, and then traveled on to the Sisters Quilt Show in Oregon. What an honour! Of course, I said yes! They arrived yesterday afternoon.

I gave them a quick tour of my home so they could see my quilts.

And then invited them into my "shop" where I have items on display which I've made, as well as fabrics to purchase.
What a wonderful group of women and what a wonderful afternoon! If anyone had told me several years ago that someday a group of quilters from France and Belgium would visit me, I would never have believed it! I was so thrilled that they came.
I'm sorry I can't remember all their names--my menopausal memory kicking in again! There was one male, a husband to one of these beautiful women. He was assigned the "photographer" job.
They'd handmade some gifts too, which were so beautifully wrapped I hardly wanted to open them.
Look at the beautiful stitching! A sachet filled with French lavender, a delicate thimble-case and thimble from Angers, a fun little mouse to hold thread, and some nougat. Yum! Thank you so very much all of you!
I'd made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and some ice tea, since it was such a warm day.

They took a few cookies to the bus driver (waiting patiently on the street outside my home) and then they said good-bye, to drive back to Vancouver and continue their travels. You can follow their journey on their blog,

Au revoir, mes amies! It was an unforgettable afternoon and I hope to meet you all again very soon!


  1. Cheryl this is so wonderful and yes, what an honor.
    It truly is A SMALL, SMALL WORLD isn't it?

    These ladies (and gentleman) look like they were very respectful and enjoyed their time in your home and shop.


  2. What fun to meet the ladies from across the ocean.
    Lovely gifts and friendships made.


  3. Happy to see ours friends on your blog and to visit your home.
    Maybe we will meet you in France soon.
    Thanks for your work.

    Michelle Quiltinusa

  4. Isn't that wonderful to have them visit you from so far away. Hopefully your trip is still in order.