Monday, June 1, 2009

Heritage Home Tour

Yesterday I spent a wonderful morning touring some of the heritage homes in New Westminster, BC. Every year, different residents in this city open their homes to the public and we get to wander through some amazing rooms. Here's a sampling of the homes I visited this year.

I loved the soft colours and distressed furniture in this home.

Some of the gardens were pretty amazing too!

I love the colours of this house.

And this one.

The houses are all about 100 years old and many are designed in the craftsman style.

The wood work was incredible.

Love the stained glass windows and the high ceilings.

Pretty nice, hey?


  1. Hi Cheryl! THose are beautiful! My parents both grew up attending the Calvary Baptist Church in New West... or was it Sapperton? I think Sapperton sounds right. Are these homes in the Sapperton area? I know they're quite old there.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Beautiful homes. I wish I had held out and bought an older home, love the character of them.


  3. EYE CANDY--what a fun thing to do. I love old homes and always wish the walls could talk. Have a great day. Julie