Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sneak Peek at New Patterns

Here's a preview of the new patterns I'll be unveiling at Pittsburgh International Quilt Market on May 15-17. Some are hot off the press and some are already on my website. What do you think?

"Little Houses on the Corner" wallhanging:

"Harvest Bounty" Tablerunner:

"May Baskets" Wallhanging:

"When the Cows Come Home" Quilt:

"Home for the Holidays" Treeskirt:

"Santas and Rudys" Candlemat:

"To All a Good Night!" Santa doll and little quilt:

"School Days" Block-of-the-month quilt (9 blocks):

"Country Cabins" Wallhanging or Throw and hooked star Pillow:

"Autumn Leaves" Candlemat:

"Country Days" Wallhanging:

"It's on the House!" Tablemat and 4 Coasters:


  1. So many cute quilts! I think I need to make the May Basket quilt. I also love the cow quilt. I want to make that one someday.
    BTW, do you happen to have a better picture of the cover quilt of your "Spring has Sprung" quilt? Thanks for the pictures of yur new quilts.

  2. Thanks, Jeanette! I'll try and find a better picture of "Spring has Sprung!" and email it to you.

  3. Love your new patterns, great fabrics and designs.
    I will have to check out the stores when your patterns come out.


  4. Love them all--when will they be for sale? julie

  5. Thanks for all your kind comments! The patterns are for sale from me as soon as I get home from Market on May 18th. If you don't see them at your favourite quilt shop, please ask for them!