Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whistler Days

Hi all!

I've just returned from a wonderful mini-vacation in a beautiful corner of BC. My friend Meg invited me to join her in Whistler (site of next year's 2010 Winter Olympics) for a few days and I happily accepted. This beautiful resort town is about a 3 hour drive from where I live. I'm no skier (or any type of athlete for that matter) but it's also a great place for shopping, amazing restaurants and fun pubs, and spectacular scenery--a perfect girlfriends getaway. Of course we also brought our stitching along for evenings in front of the fireplace!

The drive to Whistler.

Whistler Village.

This shop sells only cow-related stuff!

The view from our condo balcony.


  1. Ok, how jealous am I?? What a great trip! Robyn and I have been only twice... for marriage retreats each time. So beautiful!
    Our daughter Emily has a Starbucks themed shirt from Cows... "Steerbucks"!

  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery, Cheryl. I bet your mind is now clear and your creativity mode has been recharged, huh?